Ready To Be Found

Do you know how people find your business? Or is it Missing?

Time for some strategy! Plan it and Welcome Your Customers!

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Be Found in Search

Don't run down the beach waving your arms to get attention from everyone. Do some detail research to learn what your best customers really look for online. Then be there as a strong lighthouse beacon to guide them home. Help them find you efficiently. Post answers to the questions they ask online. Be the best resource you can for their needs.

Do you know what topics are the real doors to your website?

Personal Search Engine Coaching

Most small businesses are actively ready to serve their customers, but not all have researched and planned for the way people search to find answers online. What would someone search? If they did not know you or your company, what would they be looking for?

Do you know?

Plan to Serve Your Most Perfect Clients

My desire is to assist you to identify the qualities of your most desired customers. Your actions of planning to serve these customers will help to draw them to you. Then you can prepare both your business and your website to specifically meet these needs.

Have you made a "ready to serve" list?

Blog for Search Success

Do you know how to write a headline that people can find in search? Learn to plan your topics well with the content your best customers will search. Have you positioned your top ten questions with answers on your blog pages? What about adding short video answers throughout your website? Create successful paths through your website to guide people to the content they really need. This is all in your control.

Have you planned your user experience?

What if They Called You Right Now?

You have thought about your potential clients. You even created a great list of things they will need you to do for their businesses. But how prepared are you to do these things, right now? Sometimes you just need to focus and do the work. Learn that skill. Prepare that new software. Get that laptop charged now! If you are ready, they call, and you answer as a professional.

Can you say — Yes! Let's meet tomorrow and get started?

Website Support

Coaching clients will have available a small team of local trusted SEO trained web professionals who can assist with other website services as needed: Word Press Help, Word Press Maintenance, Joomla Help, Hosting & Domain Name Help, Local SEO & Website Audits, Email Setup